Animals of Art: from Giotto’s white donkey to Damien Hirst’s shark30 min

Ages 5 - 8

A fun visit through shapes and colours. Participants will be invited to reproduce the animals with sheets, pencils, markers for a colourful souvenir of the visit. Prepare sheets and pencils.

Meet Your Guide

My name is Rossella and I am a passionate museum educator working in Italy. Since 2010 I work in Milan, where I’m currently based, on behalf of different cultural institutions, public and private as well.
I started to study history of Art when I was 18 years old, first in Viterbo and then in Rome and Venice. What I like most is exploring modern and contemporary art because they are deeply connected with the past and always projected towards the future. What I really love about this job is that you never stop learning. My motto is ‘’ludendo disco’’, a very ancient Latin saying. It was written in the main hall of the movie-theater in Sicily, the region where I grew up, and it means learning by playing.

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September 2020
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