The Natural Oasis of Vendicari40 min

The Natural Oasis of Vendicari is located in the South-East of Sicily, in the province of Syracuse. Known as "the hotel of birds", it is house to a uniquely rich fauna and flora, which makes it one of the most beautiful oases in Europe. We will travel along its coast admiring the dunes, the salt pans, the tonnara and the archaeological remains of the ancient Maccari Village. A tour that combines nature and pristine beaches with Sicilian archeology and traditions.

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My name is Lucia, I am archaeologist and Licenced Tour Guide. I am based inMy name is Lucia Majorca, I am an archaeologist and a Licensed Tour Guide. I am based in Syracuse, a beautiful city on the East coast of Sicily and have a degree in Conservation of Cultural Objects and a PhD in Early-Christian Archaeology. Thanks to my academic background I can assure you my virtual tours will be highly informative but also fun and, engaging. Therefore If you want to learn more about Roman and Greek Archaeology, and Christian catacombs I am the perfect guide for you. I have two children who enthusiastically love to explore and discover their own Sicilian heritage and have tailored some of the tours making them entertaining and family friendly by observing the world through the imaginative and curious eyes of  my own kids.

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