The International Atlas

45 min.



Starting from the precious materials stored in the digital archive of the Touring Club Italiano, the tour is about the birth of the International Atlas and the development of cartography in Italy up to the present day. The care and precision with which it was made, from the selection of the maps to their engraving, reflects the great importance it had in the past and still has today in analysing the political set-up and understanding its changes over the centuries.

In collaboration with Touring Club Italiano

Your guide: Bianca

My name is Bianca, and I am an artistic mediator who works between Italy and Germany. Over the years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with various international museums and cultural institutions. Through these experiences, I have developed my passion and knowledge in the field of mediation and art education. I studied contemporary art in Italy, first in Milan and then in Venice; my experience is therefore linked not only to the history and theory of art but also to the practice of art itself. The contemporary and the history of modern art are my main specializations, but I am passionate about medieval and Renaissance art. What I like most about the profession of mediator is the possibility to confront myself with a heterogeneous audience. I am interested in listening to the comments of the participants of one of my tours and dedicating time to an exchange of opinions, ideas, and points of view.


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