The Genius of Michelangelo

50 min.

English, Italian


At the age of 14, Michelangelo had a meeting that would change his life forever to become the first real artist of the Modern Age. A sculptor, an architect, a painter, and a poet, Michelangelo revealed to be a more articulated artist than we expected. How many paintings did he execute? Is it true he sculpted more than one Pietà? Who was his master and why? He died in Rome, but why did his body rest eternally in Florence? Michelangelo never ceases to surprise us, not only with his works but with the complexities of a tormented man and with – his broken nose.

Your guide: Angelo

My name is Angelo. I’ve graduated in Classics and Roman Archaeology at the University of Naples, I’m a go-to guide in Florence.  My passion is art and history; I like to discuss the past and the present through unique perspectives, insightful analogies and entertaining explanations. These techniques are the result of my post-University studies at the University Roma Tre in Cultural and Museum Mediation. As a true bon vivant, I believe good food and wine are essential for a happy soul.


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