The Fontanelle cemetery and Naples Rione Sanità

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Rione Sanità (literally “Health Neighbourhood” in Italian) was a burial place in Roman and Hellenistic times and the Fontanelle cemetery was the chosen location for the burial of thousands of anonymous corpses, victims of the great plague of 1656.
In the Fontanelle ossuary takes place the unique cult and ritual of the “Pezzentelle” (“little wretches” in Italian), which involves the ritual burning of candles dedicated to the soul of the “nameless dead” whose bones are preserved in the ossuary. At the end of the 16th century Rione Sanità became home to many noble and aristocratic families as shown by the presence of many beautiful buildings such as Palazzo Sanfelice and Palazzo dello Spagnolo.

Your guide: Alba

My name is Alba, I’m from Naples, and in the same city I was trained in Restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts and then I pursued my studies by enrolling in the Faculty of Letters at the Art History course. I am currently a tour guide and I have a long experience as educational operator of the Museo Madre. Moreover, I have been collaborating for ten years with an important gallery of ancient art, specialized in the seventeenth century, which is the so-called ‘golden century’ of painting in Naples. I have chosen to stay in my homeland and I have extended all my studies to enhance its artistic heritage, with a strong specialization in ancient art but with a careful eye on contemporary art.


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