50 min.

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Pompeii is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and is famous for its ancient Roman ruins. Pompeii offers a unique snapshot of Roman life, frozen at the moment it was buried together with its people. We will travel back in time by looking at the frescoes and the graffiti left behind by Pompeians, and visiting the Domus Romane (Roman houses).

Your guide: Angelo

My name is Angelo. I’ve graduated in Classics and Roman Archaeology at the University of Naples, I’m a go-to guide in Florence.  My passion is art and history; I like to discuss the past and the present through unique perspectives, insightful analogies and entertaining explanations. These techniques are the result of my post-University studies at the University Roma Tre in Cultural and Museum Mediation. As a true bon vivant, I believe good food and wine are essential for a happy soul.


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