Cruise on the Mediterranean

50 min.



A cruise in stages through four iconic cities: Naples, Palermo, Athens and Tunis, through the stories of extraordinary women who have contributed to the common imagination of these places. From Maria Callas, the unmistakable Greek voice, to Sofia Loren, the symbol of Naples; from Letizia Battaglia, who told the story of Palermo through her photographs, to Youssra, a young Tunisian entrepreneur who founded a Tea Room at the gates of the desert.

Your guide: Emanuela

My name is Emanuela. I was born in Milan where I studied foreign languages and literature. My passion for art, history and my hometown pushed me to learn more about these subjects until I decided to fully dedicate myself to them professionally as well. Since 2005, I have had the most  beautiful job in the world: I am a tour guide. The priority for me is to give my guests an amazing and full immersive experience, through customized cultural guided tours. I lead my tours so that the participants can fully experience the works of art, the stunning buildings and the daily life of a lively city like Milan, which has so much to offer. Let’s admire it together!


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