Chi Sono

My name is Angelo. I’ve graduated in Classics and Roman Archaeology at the University of Naples, I’m a go-to guide in Florence.  My passion is art and history; I like to discuss the past and the present through unique perspectives, insightful analogies and entertaining explanations. These techniques are the result of my post-University studies at the University Roma Tre in Cultural and Museum Mediation. As a true bon vivant, I believe good food and wine are essential for a happy soul.

I miei Tour

Visit the city of Florence

During this tour we will take you through the historical city center of Florence and its main landmarks

7,00 40 min. · English, Italian


Pompeii is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is famous for its ancient Roman ruins.

7,00 50 min. · English, Italian

The Genius of Michelangelo

At the age of 14, Michelangelo had a meeting that would change his life forever to become the first real artist of the Modern Age

7,00 50 min. · English, Italian
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